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The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was established in Clayton in 2006. The first graduating class of 40 residents was in May 2007 and the second class of 25 individuals graduated in October 2007. Three classes were held in 2008, including a class for the residents of Diamond Terrace. Including the 2009 and Spring 2010 classes we now have over 175 trained CERT members in the City of Clayton.

Clayton has 6 certified CERT Instructors and the free classroom training is conducted at EndeavFriday, February 12, 2016t the ConFire Training Facility located at 2945 Treat Blvd. near Oak Grove.

CERT is a program developed in 1985 by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department. In 1994 The Emergency Management Institute, in cooperation with the LAFD, expanded CERT to make it applicable for all hazards.

There is a City of Clayton Citizen Corp Council (C-5) which coordinates the activities of CERT for Clayton. There is a Chairperson of the Council, and chairs of the four units within CERT: Operations, Logistics, Planning and Administration. Prior to June 2010 there were three CERT zones for the City. The structure is now one overall zone with the CERT cache being located at the Fire station at Clayton Rd and Center St. The Council usually meets on the first Monday of the even months (February, April, etc.) at the City Offices, 6000 Heritage Road, Clayton.

The City of Clayton is a member of the Contra Costa County Cities Citizen Corp/CERT Committee. This group, referred to as C8, works with the Office of Emergency Services (Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department) in the obtaining of funds, materials, and training personnel to conduct the activities of the members of the group.

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